How Do You Talk To Your Kids About Weight? (VIDEO)


I knew this day was coming.  My small girl is seven years old.  So, I knew it was only a matter of time before she let me know she recognized her size and her weight – and told me if she was happy in her own skin.  And asked what I thought of mine. I’ll be honest, I was hoping her innocence about all things body image would last a bit longer – say until she is 22 or so(*insert wishful thinking*), but, I suppose that isn’t realistic.

She is surrounded by images in the media – she doesn’t watch much in the way of television that might force the issue, but I certainly can’t force her to wear blinders in the check-out line at the grocer store.  Body images, both large and small are plastered on the covers of magazines.

And it was just such a magazine cover today that prompted our conversation.  My small girl has never heard me criticize myself physically. (Not that I don’t recognize my own flaws, but that I have deliberately chosen to keep all, “I feel fat in this”, “I hate my (insert body part)”, “I really need to head to the gym because I ate too many cookies” comments to myself in her presence.)

I’m hopeful that our lifestyle – she plays multiple sports including soccer, we make mainly healthy food choices and choose to guide our kids with ‘healthy’ living as compared to using anti-weight-gain language are guiding her on the correct path.

(NOTE: THIS VIDEO PLAYS RIGHT SIDE UP.  I have no explanation for why the thumbnail shows me upside down as it was shot right side up and does play that way as well)

This was what sparked our conversation today and how I responded….

How do you talk to your kids about weight?