How LEGOs Will Convince Them to Wear Seatbelts [VIDEO]


lego-psaGetting our kids to wear their seatbelts shouldn’t be that hard. After all, in most states, they’re hooked into an extra safety device (carseat, booster seat, etc.) for some eight years.

But explaining to a toddler why they can’t reach over and undo that button is like explaining to them why they can’t touch your butt over and over and over simply because it’s there. So how about hitting them where it hurts?

No, we’re not suggesting putting them in a car and crashing it. But seeing their toys get hurt in an old-fashioned crash test dummy commercial could change your LEGO-maniac’s mind. Along with what looks like a GI Joe, YouTube user Sasha Small’s managed to scare the pants off of us with this video:

Maybe it’s just the haunting music, but this is affecting. Will you show your little Houdini or is it too much?

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