How Old is Too Old for Trick or Treating?


leiaThe last year I went trick or treating, I was in middle school. My best friend and I had decided it was time to be distributing candy, not raking it in, and planned to spend the night manning her front porch. But after about twenty minutes, we found that asking little ghosts and witches what they were for Halloween was just not the same as roaming the crowded streets ourselves, all decked out and high on sugar.

Relying on old dress-up clothes and spray-on hair dye, we dressed each other in outfits that were less costumes than they were very weird get-ups, and went around saying that we were the main characters from the TV show, “Wishing on a Cloud.” This show did not exist, nor did the dorky Rebecca and the ditzy Meredith whom my friend and I pretended to be all night.

I would not recommend allowing your children to lie to the neighbors for candy, but I must say I remember that as my favorite Halloween–and none of the door greeters, many of whom must have known that “Wishing on a Cloud” did not exist, seemed peeved at us, probably because we thoroughly hammed it up, embracing the unself-conscious childish fun of the holiday.

Still, my friend and I both knew at the end of the night that, from now, we’d always be on the other side of the candy bowl.

Do you think it’s a parent’s responsibility to tell a child when to stop trick-or-treating, or is that a decision kids should be allowed to make for themselves? At what age do you think is inappropriate to trick-or-treat? Most importantly, would you give candy to this dude dressed as Princess Leia?

Photo: Official Stars Blog, via Parentdish

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