Babies: Movie Follows 4 in First Year of Life


poni-babies-movie-the-trailerIf you’re the kind of parent who isn’t yet sick of hearing how they raise kids in Sweden (or the Netherlands or Canada or Brooklyn), if you’re a dedicated reader of this Babble series, or if you’ve ever read this woman’s fun research, then this movie, due out in the spring, is probably you’re thing.


There’s not a lot of detail out yet about the movies, but, according to the website, filmmaker Thomas Balmès,  using an idea from producer Alain Chabat, follows four babies from around the world from the moment of their births to their first steps. Rated PG.

The cast is Mari from Tokyo, Poni from Namibia, Bayar from Mongolia and Hattie from San Francisco.

The trailer itself is fun to watch. Who knew a tub could clean a baby and quench a goat’s thirst?

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