How to Add Google Plus Button to Your Sidebar


So with Google Plus picking up steam and not going away anytime soon, it’s time to add it to your sidebar. While you can just add an icon and link to your profile, there is now a WordPress widget that will allow people to add you to their Google Plus circles directly from your website!

If you want to build your Google Plus followers faster, and engage with a larger number of people there, you totally want to check this out y’all.

Adding a Google Plus Icon to Your Sidebar

If you want to add a simple Google Plus icon or social media button with your other social media icons. You can pick up a set of free Google Plus social media icons and place one of the images you want in the sidebar of your site. Then link it to your Google Plus profile. This is the most streamlined option for directing people to your Google Plus profile so they can add you.

Put Google Plus Circle Widget Right on Your Sidebar

If you want to allow people to add you to their circles straight from your website, without having to click away, you’ll want to install this new WordPress widget called “Google + Cards”. After you install and activate the plugin you will need to get your profile number from your Google plus profile URL. It’s the 21 digit number. Once you save it, put the widget wherever you want it to appear.

Either way it’s time to start putting your Google Plus profiles on your website so people can find you and connect with you there!

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