How to Be a Better SAHM: Be Betty Draper


madmen-donfamFinally, a revelation has formed from all these dedicated Sunday night watchings of Mad Men. I wouldn’t mind being a stay-at-home mom if I could do it the Betty Draper way.

Take Sunday night’s episode (very, very minor spoiler here): her housekeeper doesn’t just clean the house and make dinner, she offers Betty a chance to go back to bed after a rough night with the baby, AND manages the “I don’t want this, I want that” arguments from the kids at dinner time.

You can be a great stay at home parent when you let someone else do the parenting!

Top 10 Mama (so named because her blog is a series of missives from the Letterman of the parenting set) has all the advantages of being Betty in a new list she calls “Top 10 Reasons Raising Children Mad Men Style is a Piece of Cake.”

Guess what number three is? “”Staying at home mom” has a new ring to it when someone else is watching your kids, cleaning your house and making your meals.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You can read the rest here, or tell us why you’d love to be Betty (without the cheating husband and nicotine habit, natch).

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