Do You Need Divorce Insurance? Take This Quiz and Find Out.

What are the chances you’ll get divorced?

SafeGuard Guaranty Corp., a North-Carolina based insurance company, is happy to tell you. The company has figured out the statistical probability that your marriage will end in divorce. They’re also offering WedLock, what they claim is the first-ever divorce insurance, according to The New York Times.

SafeGuard’s web site features a Divorce Probability Calculator, which claims to predict your probability of getting divorced within a 13% margin of error.

By asking questions about race, religion, educational background, age, children, among others, the calculator can gauge your marital prospects based on actuarial information. Basically, if you didn’t finish college and got married before 21 to someone of a different race and religion, the odds aren’t in your favor.

I input my information and I’m happy to report that according to the calculator, my husband and I have a “very low probability” of divorce. Phew.

But in case you don’t score as well, here is how divorce insurance works.

You can buy coverage in “units of protection,” which will provide financial coverage in case of divorce. You know how expense those nasty legal proceedings can be! Not to mention the cost of setting up a new house. Each unit costs about $16/month and provides $1,250 in coverage. In the case of divorce, WedLock will send you cash that amounts to the coverage you purchased.

As The Times points out, this doesn’t seem like such a good deal. For one thing, “some divorces are relatively amicable and may not cost tens of thousands of dollars.” Also, aren’t you better off just saving the money in case you need it?

John A. Logan, chief executive officer of SafeGuard Guaranty, has an answer for that one. “There is nothing to stop your spouse from raiding those investments and taking it all. And then with all the money gone, you’re left with all the legal bills,” Mr. Logan, who came up with the idea for the insurance after his own financially draining divorce. He also makes the point that most people aren’t very disciplined about saving money for the proverbial rainy day.

What do you think? Would you consider divorce insurance?

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