How to Embarrass Your Kids 101: Dads Duke it Out at Georgia Little League Game (VIDEO)

Little League brawl

Most parents realize at some point that one of their main jobs in raising their kids is not to embarrass them. It’s usually not too hard to do as long as you avoid dressing too provocatively or like too much of a fuddy duddy when you’re around their friends. Or not kissing them like love bandits when dropping them off at school. Or remembering not to ask them if their butt still feels itchy when dropping them off at a sleepover. You know, obvious stuff.

What’s astonishingly not obvious is that parents shouldn’t fight with other parents at Little League games if they don’t want to embarrass their kids. Or at least it wasn’t obvious to two dads at a Little League game in Columbus, Georgia. Iram King, 36, and Charles Davidson, 38, pummeled each other to the ground because one of them was playing music too loudly, or something utterly inane like that.

Both men were arrested, which is yet another surefire way to embarrass their kids.

And check out the inevitable video (after the jump), which will serve as a not-so-glorious reminder for these kids for ever and ever just how embarrassing their idiot dads are. Nice work, gentlemen (cough, cough):

Source: CBS News

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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