How to Make Your Testimonials Work Harder


As any marketer will tell you, testimonials are vital. Heck, as any MOM will tell you, testimonials are vital! (When hiring a babysitter from a site like or, it is remarkable how effective a good testimonial/review can be at elevating a candidate’s profile.)

As you build your business as a blogger, you will want to collect testimonials. As soon as a project is completed successfully, reach out to the person who paid you and ask for some words of praise that you can share with your prospects.

Testimonials can also be placed into your media kit if you have one. Stats and bios are GREAT, but the thing that will really convince a marketer to work with you is a well-written testimonial from someone just like her.

“We loved working with Mary on our latest project. She was professional and communicative, and our client was blown away by the results we received. We surpassed all of our program benchmarks and will certainly be working with Mary again in the future.”

All good, right? But what if I told you I have a way to make your testimonials work even harder? I do! Here’s my big tip: Use LinkedIn as your testimonial collector. You know those recommendations on LinkedIn? Those are just testimonials with a different name, right? And once you have a recommendation, you can use it wherever you want. Copy it from LinkedIn and paste it wherever your heart desires (pitch deck, media kit, your website). The benefit of using LinkedIn is that your testimonial (recommendation, tomato, tomahto) will be working for you even without being copied and pasted anywhere.

When you search Google for information about someone, LinkedIn profiles show up very high in the search results, right? By collecting all of your testimonials on LinkedIn, you have them all in one neat place, and you will insure that more of your prospects are exposed to them. Win, win.

Does anyone have any other great tips for testimonial maximization?