How To Manage Facebook Timeline


Facebook timeline has rolled out to pretty much everyone by now, and most reviews are good (with a few complaints, of course) even though in general we hate change, and we hate change to Facebook specifically.

So you might be wondering, how, exactly, do you manage this new flashy profile landing page on Facebook?

First of all, let’s talk about the cover photo.

As you know, you can use a large photo across the top of your Facebook profile. Facebook recommends that the picture be of something important to you, and that is good advice. Here are two important points, though, to know about the cover photo on Timeline:

1. The photo should not be used as a promotional space, such as an advertising banner.

2. The image that will look best in that space will be at least 720 pixels wide, and high resolution.

In fact, when it comes to your Timeline cover photo, you should use an image sized 850 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. This is NOT a natural photo size, by any means. You can get creative with cropping, however, if you have some decent photo editing software (and there are plenty of great free photo editing tools out there).

While Facebook does not have anything in their Terms of Service about using your cover photo as an advertising space, they do provide an alert message that says:

It also turns out that you can still control who sees your status updates on Timeline, meaning you can post an update but then hide it from your Timeline, if you want your profile Timeline to be a more seamless space with just life events, etc. In fact, it’s actually easier to remove items from your timeline than it was from the previous profile setting.

Lastly, you can also edit dates on items on your Timeline, which can be nice when photos post out of order, etc.

Have you gotten Timeline yet? What do you think?

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