How To Not Get Pregnant - The Contraception Opera


Contraception Opera - SpermLet’s say you need to tell your kids about birth control.

Filmstrips? Filmstrips are so THEN. Bizarre operas combined with interpretative dance posted to YouTube? That, my friends, is NOW.

You could also talk to your kids once they reach the age where they might become sexually active. But who wants to do that? (Kidding.)

I personally enjoyed this opera much more than I did Robert Wilson’s “Lohengrin” at the Met. (I had a free ticket. I’m not a big opera guy. Although I did like “The Rake’s Progress.” But that’s a topic for another day.)

Here are the main players in the piece — Sperm, Egg, and also my personal favorite, Infection. Aw… how cute… It’s a puppet.

And now, without further ado… The Contraception Opera – “How To Not Get Pregnant”.

Source: Buzzfeed