How to Talk to Your Kids About Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is everywhere, and if you have a tween girl in your life, chances are she’s caught the Bieber Fever sweeping the nation.  People magazine says he’s the biggest pop star in the country, and given that even Oprah is a fan – he appeared on her show yesterday – I’d say they’re correct.

Bieber’s rags to riches story is as charming as he is.  He was raised in public housing in Stratford, ON, home of the famous Stratford Festival celebrating Shakespeare and other classic playwrights.  (I wonder how soon before they’re forced to perform, “Baby: The Justin Bieber Story” in rep with A Doll’s House.)

“Justin Bieber” has been a trending topic on Twitter for months, and his 2,429,843 followers are faithful fans.  Despite his fast and furious rise to the top, he still performs intimate concerts in cities like Buffalo, NY, where he recently serenaded 8oo students from Edward Town Middle School for collecting $16,927 – in pennies – for charity.  And in his interview with adorably precocious 11-year-old Oprah correspondent Jordan, he admits being scared of the dark.

So is there anything not to love about Justin Bieber?  Sure, if you find him cloyingly annoying – like many adults without children do – or if your kid has played Baby so many times you hear its phantom strains in your ear as you lay awake at night.  If your child has a serious case of Bieber Fever and you need to intervene, check out our (totally not serious) instructional video after the jump.

Bieber Fever, by The Key of Awesome.

(That’s me singing the voice of Bieber in this parody. The lyrics were written by comedian Mark Douglas, who appears as the scientist.)  For more Bieber satire, watch comedic performance artist Neal Medlyn do his rendition of Baby at April’s Our Hit Parade at Joe’s Pub. (There are no swears, but I wouldn’t play it at work, since he’s wearing nothing but a diaper and a cardigan.  Trust me – it’s worth the wait.)