How to Tell We're in a Recession? Look at Your Baby's Butt.

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Baby butts are an economic indicator.

Is your baby’s butt redder than usual?  That’s one sign of a down economy, according to Business Insider.  What’s the correlation between high rates of diaper rash and the recession, you ask?

Diaper rationing.

The theory is that parents are trying to save money by using fewer diapers. Business Insider reports that parents typically spend “$1,500 per baby on diapering each year, changing a diaper 6.3 times in a day.”  In a recession, though, “diapering is one of the first costs that households cut.”  Now, let’s be clear: we’re obviously talking about households that use disposable diapers.  Not only do cloth diapers cost less, they may save on diaper rash, too.

But as it stands, sales of diaper rash cream are up, “rising for the third straight year on a unit basis, even though the number of babies has kept declining over that period,” Ad Age reports.  You know things are bad when even babies are irritated by the economy.

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