How Young Is Too Young For Tattoos?

Miley Cyrus' New Tattoo
Miley Cyrus' New Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is sporting a cute new tattoo. She’s got a little black heart gracing her finger. This is the 17-year-old’s 3rd tattoo.

As the writers at The Stir put it, maybe someone should act like her mother and suggest this is too much? After all, tattoos are adult decisions. They’re permanent. They don’t always age well. You can’t know when you’re 17 what you’ll want inked on your body when your 64.

Clearly, Ms. Cyrus is in need of some adult guidance on this topic.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Is a tattoo really that serious?

For the most part, tattoos are removable these days. Miley’s not doomed to carry a heart on her fingertip for the rest of her life. She’s just doomed to have an uncomfortable tattoo removal if she wants it gone.

Yes, tattoos can heal badly and scar, as can removals. Some spots are worse than others: hand tattoos are notorious for aging badly. Miley’s ink will fade, just like her skin will sag and wrinkle. Time will change everything about her body, including the art she’s decided to wear on it.

So what?

Our bodies reflect our lives as we grow and change. Kids accumulate scars and freckles. Is a tattoo really so different?

Would you let your kid get a tattoo? At what age? For that matter, what about less permanent body modifications? I have a friend who lets her four-year-old dye her hair pink with temporary dye. Most people make kids wait on that one. But there is any real reason to?

Photo: the Stir

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