How Your Dog Can Help You Meet "The One"

Our baby and dog
Our baby and dog

Puppies and babies: we all love them. If you don’t like puppies or babies, I mourn for you because they are two of the sweetest joys life has to offer. Although a big responsibility, they’re cute, cuddly and their love knows no bounds. They trust us to care for them and in return we get to love them, watch them grow, and share our everydays with them. They are modern day cupids, making love connections without even knowing it.

While puppies and babies get a lot of ooohs and aaaahs while out and about so does another thing: daddies particularly daddies pushing strollers. In my early 20s I remember hearing about the idea of single guys using their (or a relative’s) babies to meet girls. What better conversation starter than to introduce yourself as a potential love interest coos and smiles at your little one? Plus, there is something about seeing a father care for his child, really care for him or her, which warms our hearts. I know it warms mine. Having been a single parent with a child who didn’t experience being out and about with her daddy (until I met a man who was honored to be my child’s father), I can’t help but smile when I see a man spending quality time with his children.

Nowadays babies aren’t the only conversation strikers. Puppies are resulting in love matches too. A couple weeks ago a friend and I were at the coffee shop with our littles and I watched as several conversations transpired over people who were there with their dogs. In fact, my friend had even taken on the responsibility to watch a cute puppy while his owner went inside to place an order. When walking our dog my husband has often engaged in conversations with people who are out sometimes walking their own dog, sometimes not. These conversations often start with, “What kind of dog is that?” or “Can I pet your dog?”

According to a study referenced in Your Tango, “one in four” owners have met dates while walking their dogs and one third of owners have made new friends. This is similar to the mom who has made a friend at the park playing with her little ones or a friendship that blossomed out of a play date between children. People tend to easily engage in conversations with those who they visibly share something in common.

So whether you are looking for a love interest or at the very least a new friend, enlist your cuddly canine for some help! For more on this visit Your Tango.

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