Howard Stern on America's Got Talent: Parents Upset With Choice - Why?

Has America's Got Talent Gone Too Far?

It was announced on Thursday that Howard Stern will be replacing Piers Morgan on the popular NBC show America’s Got Talent. And parents? They reportedly aren’t pleased, especially the media watchdog group Parents Television Council.

America’s Got Talent has – in the past – been a show that anyone could watch. There are kids performing, watching and enjoying the show with it’s collection of singers, dancers and daredevils. But that may all change with the raunchy addition of shock jock Howard Stern.  The PTC has said that this is just a “act of desperation for a flailing network.” They also said in a statement to TMZ that…Howard Stern should not be on prime time TV since Stern is a … “a performer who is synonymous with shock, profanity and obscenity.”

The PTC added that , “the once-proud broadcast network has lost its way and has made it clear it holds no concern whatsoever for children and families.”

The group also stated that,  “Not coincidentally, in just over three weeks the network will be standing before the United States Supreme Court arguing for the right to use the F-word at any time of the day, even in front of children.”

Do you think NBC is pushing the envelope too far?

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