Huh? What's So Hard About Collaboration?


The only reason I can come up with for Ty Kiisel’s headline on his tech post for today was that he was specifically asked to come up with a traffic-driving feather-ruffling headline. Why else would he title it “Does Anyone Really Take Mommy Bloggers Seriously?” and then continue to write “Mommy bloggers are successfully leveraging social media to collaborate and communicate about the products they use, what’s happening within their families and what they’re interested in.”

Yeah… we know.

In fact, I would be preaching to the choir over here about just how successfully when I point out that moms since time began have been collaborating and working effectively in communities to solve their problems and share solutions that may or may not involve products. It would be a mere stating of the obvious that social media just happens to be the latest technology platform on which this collaboration and community-building is occurring.

So forgive the puzzled dog expression. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on the “Big Reveal” I’m apparently missing in Kiisel’s article. He says “The real question should be, ‘How can we best leverage this technology to facilitate collaboration, inform decisions and earn more profits?'”

It seems to me that the “how” question has already been answered (by mom bloggers and others in the social spaces) but the head-scratching puzzle to me is why true collaboration such a brain-stumper for some organizations/brands.

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