'Hunger Games' Reenacted by High School Students (Video)

real life Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

While some of us are counting down the days/hours/minutes until ‘The Hunger Games’ by following along on Twitter and Facebook and ingesting every clip released, one high school took their Hunger Games love a step further.

Bristol Easter High School in Connecticut reenacted the popular book as an educational lesson – not only to explore the book’s themes, but to increase the overall interest in reading.

They created their own fictional Hunger Games competition you know, with 100% less gore and heartbreak.

Check out teacher Janet Kenny as Effie Trinket, calling tribute names at the reaping, from the districts represented at the school, grades 9 through 12.

Students collected items from the cornucopia in the gym before moving swiftly into the games, which consisted of trivia, archery (of course), fashion and cake decorating.

How fun!

It’s not all for the love of the book, however, as the winning tribute gets a pair of tickets to see The Hunger Games on opening weekend.