Hurricane Forecasters Are Utilizing Social Media

Hurricane Fran. Image Credit:

Hurricane season is already upon us, and Tropical Storm Beryl is due to make landfall today. Beryl is our second storm; Alberto already came at us on May 19th.

We’re already in a record season for coastal storms, and with such an early start, we’re likely to be coping with plenty of tough storm weather this year, although the annual Hurricane Heads Up only predicts ten storms this year. Of course, it takes only one devastating storm to make it a bad season.

So this year, the National Hurricane Center is making heavy use of its social media sites in order to get hurricane news out to people more effectively.

You can find the National Hurricane Center’s Facebook page here, and by “liking” it, get regular updates on news about storms. This morning’s post about Beryl is packed with info.

The National Hurricane Center also offers two twitter accounts: @NHC_Atlantic for us East Coasters, and @NHC_Pacific for you left coasters.

Because people use social media networks to touch base after a disaster, it’s not surprising that authorities see social media as an excellent tool to get the word out about severe weather.

If you’re in a hurricane-prone area, stay safe, and follow those accounts to keep aware of the latest news.



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