Hurricane Irene Tweets: Making the Funny in the Face of Fear in 140 Characters or Less

Irene Tweets

In the face of danger or chaos, us parents need to keep calm and carry on. Our kids do not need us hyperventilating and freaking out in anticipation of something like a natural disaster, and many a parent in the East Coast was faced with this dilemma thanks to Hurricane Irene.

One way to try to keep calmness up and freakouts down? Humor. Now, this is in no way to diminish the lives lost due to the hurricane or the plights of the people affected by flooding and power outages, but in any time of trouble, a little injection into the funny bone can help. And a place for an instant giggle in 140 characters or less? Twitter.

Check out this roundup of the funniest tweets about Irene before, during and after right here:


Image: Twitter

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