Hysterical: Fussy Baby Won't Eat Unless Dad Plays Gangnam Style Video

Hysterical: Fussy Baby Won't Eat Unless Dad Plays Gangnam Style Video via Babble
Who needs Nick Jr. when you have Gangnam Style?

When my kids were little, I remember each of them at times, being a little cranky once in a while when it came feeding time. My middle daughter was a terrible eater and I likely would have done anything to get her to swallow her baby food back then. I remember one day desperately trying to find a cartoon, song, or even commercial which would keep her occupied (or entranced) enough just so I could get some lunch into her. Sometimes, I’d find a jingle that she enjoyed and I knew that she take bite after bite until it was over. For a time, she really enjoyed the Baby Einstein videos, and I knew when she watched parts of them that she’d eat. It didn’t last very long but I was glad for those few easy feedings.

Any parent who has dealt with a fussy eater can relate. And that’s probably part of the reason why this video has become so popular.

In it, 10-month-old Benjamin from London, a noted “very fussy eater” is having a real grouchy day and crying instead of eating.

However, when his perceptive Dad puts on the Gangnam Style video by Korean rapper PSY, the baby is so excited and happy that he’ll down that baby food like it’s nobody’s business. Of course, when the Dads stops the video to see if that is really what is keeping him content, he cries again. But that just makes the video even funnier.

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