I Let My Seven-year-old Start a Blog. Would You? (VIDEO)


Every time I turn around there is a new study about the danger of allowing children online. But there is also this: a recent video of a baby using an iPad like she was born to do it. The other day my small girl sat down in front of my Mac and began to use it as though she had never used anything else … when in fact, she first played with a mouse and traditional keyboard.

Computers and the online space represent my children’s future. And so I am okay with them being online. And by “online” I mean, YES, I let my second-grade daughter start a blog.

Part of my willingness to do this is that is that I do not have a fear of the unknown. I KNOW I will be next to them and involved in their online business as long as they have online business to do.

At seven years old, she doesn’t question me looking over her shoulder. And while I know this won’t always be the case …  she will, AT LEAST, understand her time on the computer = my involvement.





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