'I Need You! I Don't Need You!' Video Defines Parenthood in Under 30 Seconds


If children are nothing else they are capricious. I have a 3- and a 5-year-old and their mood swings alone exhaust me. Factor in their ever-changing list of likes and dislikes and the various phases they fall in and out of and boom! I’ve earned that second glass of wine at the end of the day.

They also like to assert their independence. It starts somewhere around age 2 when they begin lobbying congress for the right to buckle their own car seat and, well, I suspect it never ends. As an adult, I am still asserting my independence from my mother who likes to remind me that I need a hair cut (For the last time, I’m growing it out!) and my father who can’t hold a conversation with me unless he knows when and where I last checked the pressure in my tires. (Please allow me to handle my own car maintenance, dad. Thanks.)

Still, despite the ‘I can do it!’ attitude, my children vacillate between telling me to back off and begging for my help as I do with my own mom and dad. It is the nature of parenthood, responding to the constant game of ‘I need you! I don’t need you!’

This parenting truth is perfectly summed up in this 23 second clip of a little girl on the monkey bars. Check it out:



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