I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown on DVD


i-want-a-dog-for-christmas-charlie-brownI grew up with the Peanuts gang. First I enjoyed them in comic strip form.

Later I got into the various television specials. Luckily my children love them as well.

What I’ve discovered is that there is a lot more Peanuts TV fare out there than the shows I saw as a young lad. This is a good thing.

A new DVD Deluxe Edition of “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown” is now available from Warner Home Video. Here’s a description of the story, from the press release:

“This special centers on Rerun Van Pelt, Linus’ and Lucy’s lovable and wise-beyond-his-years little brother who wants a dog for Christmas after he sees what a great relationship Charlie Brown and Snoopy share.  The Van Pelts however, don’t think he’s ready or capable to care for a pet yet. Rerun turns to Snoopy for some amusement and holiday cheer.  Snoopy obliges, however, he soon tires of Rerun’s idea of fun and games.  Rerun’s solution is to invite Snoopy’s older brother Spike to visit.  Spike makes the journey all the way from the desert. When he finally shows up, Lucy is appalled at Spike’s notoriously skinny build and invites him to stay so she can fatten him up. Will Rerun’s Christmas wish come true?”

Spike? Rerun? Cool.

You also get “Happy New Year, Charlie Brown”, which if I recall correctly is really cute, and also this: “Sibling Rivalry: Growing Up Van Pelt This documentary featurette explores the creation and development of Rerun Van Pelt and how his arrival changed the family dynamics between Lucy and Linus.  Jeannie Schulz, Lee Mendelson and others discuss why Charles Schulz considered Rerun such a treasured new addition to the strip.”

The DVD is now available. Once again, I’ll have my review as soon as I can sit down with the kids and watch it. Don’t worry, I won’t wait until Christmas.