"I Want You to Kill All Infidels" - Students Jesus Poster Sparks Controversy

Kill All Infidels?

At Hamilton Elementary School in Central Fresno, California, there is a display of student-made art as part of a teacher-assigned history project.  One of the pieces that is hanging in the halls, created by a seventh grader, is causing an uproar with concerned parents and they would like to see it taken down. What are the contents of the artwork in question?

The students reportedly were asked to create a help wanted sign for soldiers needed to fight in the crusades. This particular student’s illustration features an image of Jesus with a caption that says, “I want you to kill all infidels.” This appears not to be some kind of religious statement, but rather the student just trying to be historically accurate, which is a plus when doing a history assignment. The students were also asked to “write a poem about Joan of arc, the Black Death, or the Magna Carta and create a visual background for it. This [the Jesus one] was one of several posters displayed.” As ABC Fresno notes, “the Crusades were a series of religious wars launched by Christians against mostly Muslim people.” But some believe this piece very much crosses the proverbial line.

Parent Chris Alfaro said, “the picture itself I feel goes against everything Christianity stands for. I do believe common sense tells you, hey this may not be appropriate for a K through 8 school, right in the main lobby where each child passes on their way to school and home.” His wife saw the poster months ago and allegedly called the school office to complain, but her concerns were not addressed.  All Mr. Alfaro wants is for the poster to be taken down. “It’s kinda driving us nuts and we want to get rid of it,” he says. According to ABC Fresno, the poster is still on display so when researching the story, they called the school, who has since reached out to the Alfaro family to discuss their concerns about the artwork.

Do you think the school should take the art down, or let the seventh grader’s work stay?

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