'I Will Lie to Mom,' Little Girl Pledges Truthfully in Adorable Note (PHOTO)

Guilty as charged

It feels like not so long ago I was feeling all kinds of proud that my preschooler had not only never lied to me, but didn’t even know yet what a lie was.

Well, that day has long since passed, as witnessed daily when I ask her, “Did you brush your teeth?” When she says no at the exact same time her morning breath slaps my nostrils, it’s kind of amusing, but also kind of not. She looks confused and indifferent when I tell her she’s lying — especially since she thinks it’s kind of funny to tell me she’s done something she know she hasn’t. I’m not really worried, or at least not yet. When she wets her toothbrush and still hasn’t brushed her teeth, then I’ll start worrying.

The parents of the 6-year-old  little girl who wrote this note (via The Huffington Post) after falsely accusing her brother of melting a popsicle under the couch — when he wasn’t home — should start worrying. Now. Check it out:

I will lie to mom
At least she's being honest

Source: The Huffington Post

Photo credit: iStock

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