If Dec 21st Is Really The End, I Need It To Be At Midnight

If Dec 21st Is Really The End, I Need It To Be At Midnight
Please, please let us go to 11:59 pm.

“Is the world really going to end on December 21?” my son asked last week.

He just turned ten so part of him thinks it’s just ‘so cool’ that the Mayan calendar might hold a secret key to our future. He and his friends have apparently been discussing this and all the various ways it might happen: fire, war, flood (kinda been there, done that), earthquake. The combinations are endless, especially during 5th grade recess. But he just turned ten, so he also is a bit scared that it might really be true, too.

So what to say, I wondered. And then I realized that I have tickets to a very important event on December 21: a Dave Matthews concert. For those of you know my fondness, affection, and OK, obsession for Dave Matthews, you can probably guess how excited I am to be seeing him after two years. Yep, two years I have not seen this man perform, not since his last concert at Madison Square Garden in 2010 when he played a setlist that I could have only wished for (that included his rarely played ‘Say Goodbye”).

So I considered my son’s question and told him the absolute truth: “If it does, it can’t end until midnight because I have to see Dave Matthews!”

“Oh God, mom” he said as he walked away.

It made him quietly smirk and took off the edge from his very big question. I mean after all, who knows when the world will end? I’m certain it wasn’t the Mayan calendar or even Fox News. Also, you know, if the world ended at once, we’d all go together instead of having us leave our loved ones one by one. Sick thought? Possibly, but I think it’s more of the glass half-full theory.

When the world was destined to end May 21 of last year, radio stations everywhere played REM’s “It’s the End of The World As We Know It”, and although I love REM, it got played out pretty fast. Dave sings a song called, oddly enough, “When the World Ends”.

It starts like this:

When the world ends

Collect your things

You’re coming with me

Well, OK, Dave if you say so…

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