If I Had the Time and Talent, This is What I Would Do in My Bedroom, Too (CC: Mia Gentile) (VIDEO)

Mia Gentile
Mia Gentile rocks out to the Stanley Steemer commercial theme song

There’s a lot I would do it I had some extra time on my hands. Take up knitting, for instance. Organize my daughters’ clothes (for the nth time). Start running (for the nth time). Record the Stanley Steemer commercial jingle in my bedroom in a number of different musical genres.

I never gave much thought to the latter. But then I saw this video on YouTube that was created by a New York-based singer/actress, and realized it’s my calling. Sure, it doesn’t speak to my talents (of which I really have none), but what Mia Gentile does in two minutes, 57 seconds, is what I was meant to do. If I had time. And the ability. But, like I said, I have neither.

Which is why I’m enjoying this video more and more with each viewing. Because Mia Gentile has the time and the ability, plus a little something extra that’s just pretty special. And hilarious.

I think you’ll enjoy it, too. Take a look:

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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