If The World Really Ends On May 21, 2011, Here's 10 Things Parents Can Stop Doing Now

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With two weeks left, who wants to tackle the DMV?

So we’ve got two weeks before May 21, 2011, when according to Harold Camping the world will end. I was sitting here reading about it and I thought about what I would really do if that were true, like spend the next two weeks with my loved ones and let them all know how important they have been in my life.

But then I thought about some things, I wouldn’t have to do as a parent.

When you consider how much time we spend as parents planning for the future, it’s startling, and the last thing I would want to do if given two weeks in earth would be to waste time.

So I’ve compiled a small list of what parents can stop doing if it’s all over on May 21:

1. Cleaning the house: finally a reason to let things slide! The same goes for the basement, garage, and attic.

2. Saving for college.

3. Getting the yard and pool ready for summer. Geez, no more mosquitoes actually sounds good.

4. Telling your kids to study, floss, and make their bed.

5. Enforcing bedtimes.

6. Making appointments for the doctor, dentist, tutor and vet.

7. Sending kids to school. (No more making lunches!)

8. Going to the DMV.

9. Attending really boring work functions, hanging with the in-laws, and showing up for PTA meetings.

10. Worrying…… about….anything.

These are no brainers, but when it comes down to the end of the world, I guess the real question is what aren’t we doing that we wish we were?

Because if anything this crazy May 21st judgement day notion is doing, it’s helping us become aware of the fact that life is fleeting. None of us knows exactly how much time we have so if there is something we want to do, we’d better start.

If the apocalypse is coming, I still haven’t written that book, visited Spain, or bought that little farm in the middle of nowhere, but two weeks isn’t enough time to get them done….unless Camping declares a new end of the world on May 22. Then, for sure I’ll get cracking.

What would you stop doing if the world was ending in two weeks?

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