If They Build It, The Money Will Come


lego-lightbulbAnother month, another “holiday.” The goods news? You don’t have to hit Hallmark to celebrate National Inventors’ Month. Just tell your kids to pull out their LEGOs and get building.

Our favorite bitty brick makers are celebrating the “holiday,” with a contest for builders six through thirteen. And with sales like these, you’ve got to think they’re the company to take an inventive cue from.

Designed for kids whose favorite questions are “why” and “how” (yup, sums up about any kid I know), the LEGO Click Awards will let them build on the creative momentum of playing with blocks. You may want to break this part to your kids gently: they have to write an essay to enter.

When we got a press release about the contest at Babble,  I skipped over most of the details on the contest because my kid isn’t six through thirteen and isn’t writing yet – but there was a story in there worth sharing with LEGO lovers of any age.

Turns out LEGO founder Ole Kirk Christiansen was a carpenter during Denmark’s economic depression (apropos for this time?). He opted to stop making furniture in favor of making toys because he knew parents would be likely to go without new furniture during a downturn . . . but he was banking on parents continuing to provide creative outlets for their kids. He built it – in this case the LEGO company – and the money came.

Considering LEGO sales rose thirty-eight percent last year even as other toymakers took a hit of at least three percent, it sounds like Christiansen was right on the money.

The word “LEGO” is formed from the Danish words “leg godt,” which means “play well,” by the way, so let your kids play on . . . and maybe they’ll invent the next big . . . toy?

Image: LEGO