If This Frightening PSA Doesn't Sober Up Every Parent You Know, Nothing Will (VIDEO)

Fragile Childhood
Is this what children see when their parents are drunk?

Are you a monster when you’re drunk?

Not a funny ha-ha monster like from your college days, but a terrifying one that frightens your children. You know, because you’re drunk and you’re someone’s parent.

There’s a children’s charity in Finland called Fragile Childhood who had an ad agency create a :60 spot showing young children and their drunk parents. Only instead of showing actual parents, they showed what lots of kids probably see when their parents are drunk, which are monsters and evil clowns and icy cold villains. It’s pretty terrifying, and really, really sad.

Fragile Childhood has research that shows every fourth Finnish child has suffered some harm because of their parent’s alcohol usage. Do you think this ad will be effective in urging parents who need help with their drinking issues to seek it for the sake of their children? Watch and chime in below in the comments section.

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