If You're A Dude On The Internet (video)

Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine

I’ve been challenged to do some rethinking when it comes to my thoughts about “trolls” and “cyber bullies”, but sometimes there’s a case where there are just no other words to describe what’s happening to a blogger.

A case like that is what recently happened to feminist Anita Sarkeesian, who recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a project looking at how women are portrayed in video games. She writes about it here, but if you don’t want to see the ugliness you can just imagine this: a huge number of male gamer lovers had some VERY STRONG and rather objectifying reactions to the idea that she would even consider being critical of women in games before she even studied it.

The internet has been full of brilliant responses to this incident, but the video by Ill Doctrine’s Jay Smooth is really spectacular. (Yes, I fully realize the irony of posting a video by a man talking about men harassing a woman online, but it’s just that good.) Enjoy.

Ill Doctrine: All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones from on Vimeo.

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