Improv Everywhere Surprises Holiday Shoppers with Spontaneous Mall Santa Musical [VIDEO]

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The cast of Mall Santa Musical.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for feel-good musicals. But if there’s one thing that trumps musical theater’s ability to make me gush, it’s a flash mob dance video. The only thing that could possibly be better is a video that combines the spontaneity of flash mob choreography with live singing. That’s where Improv Everywhere’s Mall Santa Musical comes in.

Improv Everywhere set up shop in a New Jersey mall sometime around Thanksgiving and entertained shoppers with a surprise live show. “Mall Santa Musical” features (among others) Evan and Michael Gregory of The Gregory Brothers, who you may recognize as the YouTube stars behind Double Rainbow, Bed Intruder and Auto Tune the News, as well as my friend Michael Kayne, who has been kind enough to let me know how much he loves this blog. (In addition to being an ace improviser and great singer, he’s also a new dad.)

Now grab a cup of cocoa and the kids and enjoy the heartwarming spontaneous musical action!


To learn more about how Mall Santa Musical came to be, visit Improv Everywhere for behind-the-scenes photos and info.

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