In Case You Missed It: Cookie Monster on SNL (Video)

saturday night live sketch, cookie monster
Cookie Monster sings Silver Bells on SNL.

Despite having run a very valiant Facebook campaign centered around his brilliant audition video, Cookie Monster’s grass-roots effort to host Saturday Night Live hasn’t come to fruition. The furry blue monster did, however, make an appearance on the show this weekend. The December 18th edition of SNL was hosted by Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges, who is currently appearing in the films Tron and True Grit (opening Dec. 22). Bridges brought Cookie out during his opening monologue saying, “I’ve got a really dear friend who always wanted to be on this show, and I thought it would be nice if we made his Christmas wish come true.”

The duo then sang a sweet rendition of Silver Bells, during which Bridges played guitar. In the middle of the song, Bridges asked, “So Cook, what do you want for Christmas, man?” Cookie dryly replied, “An iPad. No, me kidding. A COOOOKKKIIIIIIEEEEE!” Classic. Take a look:

Forward the video to 6:20 to see Cookie sing, or feel free to watch the whole episode if you missed it!