In the U.S. One in Four Kids Raised by Single Parent — Why is That Number on the Rise?

Single Parents on the RIse?

Look around the playground, is one of the first four moms or dads you see a single parent? If so, that would be very much in line with the new study saying that about 25% of children in the United States are being raised by a single parent. Personally, I was surprised to hear this figure, but according to researchers, one in four children is living in a single parent household. And in the United States, the numbers are seemingly on the rise and are much higher than other ‘developed’ countries. How much higher?

The average is about 14%, making the U.S. above the average by 10%.  Other countries that are on the top of the list include the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The countries with the lowest percentages of single family homes?  Greece, Spain, Italy and Luxemborg.

So why does the United States have so many single parent households, and why does this number continue to rise? The study acknowledged several factors, one of which was the “cultural shift toward greater acceptance of single-parent child rearing.” Another issue is number of children living in poverty, a number that is also growing. One expert said that while having a child may bring some couples together it tears some apart stating that, “the financial strain causes all sorts of other strain, so ultimately it might contribute to family dissolution.”  Also the U.S. and England have a higher teenage birthrates than most other countries, with many of these single teenage mothers raising their children solo.

In your community, does the one in four figure apply?

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