In What Month Was Your Child Born? It Matters, Educationally Speaking

Kids with August birthdays will suffer most in school, according to a new study

If your kids were born in August, chances are they won’t go to a top college. That’s according to a study released today by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Social background means little by age seven when it comes to babies born near the end of the academic year — the youngest children born in the academic year fall behind their peers in terms of attending good colleges and becoming team captains or school presidents, and are more likely to suffer from low confidence levels in their academic abilities.

The report also found that kids born in August were more unhappy and likely to be bullied compared to kids born in September, according to Fox News.

The findings of the study seem to contradict at least part of another recent study on redshirting, which is when kids are held back before starting kindergarten so they can be more advanced mentally and physically than others in their grade. That study found that in the long run, kids who wait an extra year to start school are eventually less motivated and don’t perform as well.

Does this new study give you some clarity about predicting your child’s academic success, or are you more confused?

Image: Wikipedia