In Which We Explain the Waterproof Remote Control


waterproof-remoteOK, the folks at Gizmodo think the new waterproof remote control from Sony is a silly – and useless – addition to their line-up. Apparently they haven’t met my four-year-old.

Or anyone under four feet tall.

Says the gadget blog’s Mark Wilson: “Am I missing some key piece of market research? Does a large segment of the population, unbeknownst to me, have a pool in their living room?”

You say pool, I say toy coffee pot repeatedly filled in the kitchen and carried into the living room to be dumped into a plastic bucket usually reserved for toy storage but currently acting as a “bath” for little Lego man. Eh, tom-ay-to, to-mah-to.

When I shared Wilson’s post with the other writers here at Strollerderby, we were in complete agreement: kids + toilets = need for waterproof remote control. So to confirm my hunch, I shot Wilson an e-mail:

By any chance, do you have kids? He confirmed, nope, “no kids yet.”

OK, he’s forgiven. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t disappointed to reveal this little piece of his report: Sony has reserved this little lifesaver for the parents of Japan.

Time to tune in Tokyo.

Image: Gizmodo