SIDS Occurs More Frequently in Male Babies


A new study published in the journal Sleep finds that male babies are more likely than female babies to experience Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, despite the fact that boys are easier to wake up than girls in the first weeks of life.  Around 2 or 3 months of age, babies of either gender are just as easily roused.

While SIDS has an indeterminate cause, the risk factors include, “placing a child on the stomach to sleep; allowing a baby to sleep in an overheated room; smoking around a baby or while pregnant; co-sleeping with an infant; overdressing an infant and failing to remove soft bedding/toys from a baby’s bed,” according to CBC News.

Researchers are still unsure why boys are more vulnerable to SIDS, though they do have a theory.  The authors of the study think that mothers may be placing “restless newborn sons on their stomachs to calm them” before bed.  Remember, you should always place a baby to sleep on his/her back.

Image: CJ Foundation for SIDS