Grandma Gives Birth to Her First Grandchild

gestational surrogate, kristine casey
When Grandma wants a grandkid

One could think Kristine Casey was just being a nag, making good on some threat that she’ll become a grandma if she has to have a baby herself! But the real story is that Casey is just a super, super nice mom.

After her daughter struggled through three unsuccessful pregnancies, the 61-year-old agreed to act as the gestational surrogate for her daughter, Sara Connell.

The result is a happy, healthy, full-term little boy Finnean.

The boy is biologically the son of Sara and her husband. Fertility doctors transferred one of Connell’s eggs, which had been fertilized with her husband’s sperm, to the uterus of the post-menopausal Casey (who, obviously, had been hormonally primed for the pregnancy).

Casey beat the odds — only 6 to 10 percent of women over 40 who used IVF carry their babies (or, in this case, grandbabies) to term, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Casey is not the oldest woman to ever give birth — other moms beat her by a decade or more! But she sure earned her stripes as a Grandma.

Still, one has to wonder: what’s the appropriate amount of time to wait before asking your gestational surrogate for some free babysitting?