Inspiration on Aisle 4: What to Do When A Blog Post Idea Strikes


It happens to all of us: we’re smack in the middle of comparing the price of canned corn on Aisle 4 or we’re sitting in traffic on the way to a meeting or we’re watching our kid run up and down the soccer field, and it hits us – the perfect idea for a blog post! And so we file it away in our mental Rolodex to return to later, when we’re ready to draft a post. But, more often than not, by the time we finish whatever it is that we’re doing at the time, the idea has vanished into thin air and we’re left staring at our keyboards lamenting The Idea That Got Away.

Thank goodness there are those among us who are more organized than others who can share their secrets to success.  Take my friend Thien-Kim, for example.  She inspired me many months ago when she shared her system for keeping track of potential post ideas with me.  She uses a journal that is loosely organized by category and she tries to keep it with her at all times. Whenever inspiration strikes, she quickly jots it down in her journal.  I’m a sucker for stationery, journals, pens, and pretty paper so this method really resonates with me. I’m planning on keeping a journal in my purse in 2012.

For those more technologically inclined, there are of course a zillion apps that you could use to write down your ideas when the spirit moves you.  My friend Funkidivagirl is a devout iPad enthusiast and turned me on to the Things app that she uses religiously. For a time, I used the Status Note and Evernote apps on my Droid, which worked well.

The key is to remain engaged with whichever method you choose.  It’s so easy to forget to use the journal in your purse or open the app on your tablet or ignore the whiteboard on your wall.

What tricks do you use to keep track of your blog post inspiration?