Explore When a Picture is Worth 140 Characters


I’ll admit it, Instagram is my new addiction. It’s an iPhone photo app that allows you to take a pic, apply any number of filters, and then share it on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous as well as email. Even better, you share your pics with the Instagram community itself, a group of self-selecting iPhone photo app-obsessed people… just like me!

So what’s the draw? Well, on the most basic tech level, Instagram filters rock! It’s my Go To app for photo finessing, even for pictures I don’t intend to post in the IG stream. I can pull a pic in from my photo album, apply a filter to it in Instragram, pull it off, and then may or may not combine other filters on top of that. In all honestly, Instragram is what got me hooked to all my other iPhone photo apps because of what I can do with them together.

Then layer on the social aspect. You can follow and be followed, just like Twitter. You can like and comment, just like Facebook. And I will not lie, it’s a total feel-good when you get a like or a comment from someone whose iPhoneography skills you admire… even if you know absolutely nothing about them except what you see in their IG stream.

Being able to share your images across platforms at once is a nice feature. Until now you could only see the stream on the iPhone, with your own IG account. For some reason, this had some velvet rope appeal. But Alli mentioned that there’s a new app that allows you to interact with Instragram on Macs.

Of course there’s a lot of crossover from other platforms but there’s something I love about the experiential nature of NOT USING WORDS! There’s a certain intimacy I feel about knowing what is important enough to someone that they stop and snap a picture. I get to peek into the lives of the people I follow as if I’m looking through their viewfinders. I get to try on their view of the world, no op-ed necessary, just their eyes.

photo credit: Ria