Instagram Comes to Your (Mac) Desktop...Sorta


All my fellow iPhone users are familiar with the single-serving photo application, Instagram, but if you’re not: it is exclusively an iPhone mobile application that allowed users to snap pictures, apply artistic filters to them and then post to their feeds for their followers to ogle over. Bloggers from Her Bad Mother, to Tip Junkie, to The Pioneer Woman to Moi all use instagram to share our daily lives and sometimes to microblog. In case you are wondering, it does count as blogging when you share complete thoughts on platforms other than your blog.  Now, back to the cool app I found for y’all. There’s a nifty and beautiful third party desktop application that allows users to do their ogling from the comfort of their homes on their iMacs and Macbooks.

Carousel not only lets you keep track of multiple photo feeds at one time, but you can also take advantage of the geolocation services of the iPhone; clicking on photos will bring up the location and other photos that were taken near that same location. There are those who see the “viewing only” aspect of Carousel as a disadvantage, but think about it: how stifled would your photo library be if you were only limited to the webcam on your laptop or desktop? Exactly. The beauty of Instagram is the magic of the moments captured.

This application, which sells for $4.99, serves a very noble purpose and serves it well: the ability to view some of the most inspired, vivid and visually/emotionally stunning photography that the world has to offer. Think of it as your global light box. It is a beautiful way to relax and do a little procrastinating now and then.  I mean seriously, it is way more creativity inducing than browsing LOLcats, right?