Internet Joins Search After Kid Makes Passionate Plea For His Stolen Bike


find stolen dirt bikeCan the world wide web help find Culley Larson’s stolen bike? The features editor at Yahoo Shine hopes so.  Piper Weiss heard about the Minnesota boy after a letter he wrote appealing for the return of his beloved bike was published by his hometown newspaper as its feature opinion piece.

Weiss said the headline in The Albert Lea Tribune, which read “Please Return My Stolen Dirt Bike”, stopped her “dead in her tracks”.  She obtained permission to republish it at Yahoo Shine, and has implored her readers to help not just Larson, but any child whose wheels have been carried off without permission.  “Please help find Culley’s bike,” she writes, “or the missing bike of any kid you know and love, or the missing bike in your heart you thought nobody would ever care about because it wasn’t a car.  It’s better than a car, it’s a bike.”

Weiss reports that Larson’s mom called The Albert Lea Tribune just to make sure his letter was taken seriously. Here’s just one highlight:

I am willing to use some of my own money that I have saved as a reward to get my bike back. I know other kids get their bikes stolen. I have read it myself in the newspaper. I am hoping my letter will not only help me, but maybe help other kids also get their bikes back. I hope 10 other kids also get their bikes back. If they do we can have a celebration and call it “get your bike back day.” It would be the best day ever!

Weiss thinks “get your bike back day” is a genius idea.  So do we!  If you live in or near Albert Lea and have seen a Haro Pro Race dirt bike with black frame, white handlebars and a white seat that looks out of place, call the paper.  And if you know of any other child missing a beloved bike, perhaps you can help him or her find it, or replace it.

Did your bike ever get stolen as a kid? If so, did you ever get it back?

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