Introducing Babble Pets!


Calling all pet lovers, have we got a blog for you!

Babble just launched Babble Pets, a blog dedicated our furry family members (and no, I’m not taking about Uncle Bill).

I couldn’t be more excited about Babble Pets as our family is very close to getting our first dog! You know what would be even more exciting? If we could all agree on which breed of dog to get.

My husband wants a bulldog…in a hard hat (dead serious). My eldest wants a Pomeranian. My youngest wants a chihuahua. Me, I don’t care which breed of dog we choose so long as he has a kind disposition and doesn’t mind being named “Paul Simon”.

No matter which dog we choose to bring home, he’s going to be loved and adored as only our family can. What a lucky dog.

And so I say this to Paul Simon, unknown breed of dog as of late: Be patient with me, I’m a cat person but I know you’ll change my mind. Don’t allow my husband to put a hard hat on you even once, please forgive my little one’s attempt to ride you like pony, and finally, be patient with us as we learn the ropes of dog ownership.

All I can say is thank goodness Babble Pets is here to help!

Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or a newbie like me, Babble Pets is sure to be your new favorite source for everything you love about pets!

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