Bad Timing for The iPad 2 Announcement for This Parent

First Generation iPad

I’m as into technology as the next guy. And I love Apple products. In fact, I’m typing on a MacBook Pro as we “speak.” That said, I’ve been slow to embrace the iPad. My beef? The whole no-keyboard thing. I know. You can get that attachment deal, but once you do that, aren’t you kind of shooting the portability in the foot?

My 9-year-old daughter, however, loves the iPad. Or at least she thinks she does. She’s never really used one, so, truly, how could she know? Still, she’s been begging for one for months. But my wife and I think she’s a bit young. Regardless, she’s about to get her wish. And it’s not because her mom and I caved. It’s because the private school she attends is requiring her to have one. Which means that the timing of the iPad 2 announcement couldn’t be any worse for this dad. At least that’s what I suspect.

As a parent, I have very mixed feelings about the school’s decision to require all students to have an iPad. Again, I think my 9-year-old is a little young to be handling such pricey technology, not to mention a little young to be as connected as such a device will make her. And, of course, there’s the cost. Between the iPad, itself, the apps that must be loaded on it, and the service agreement, we’ll be out close to $600. And if you think we’ve got it bad, just think about my buddy who has three kids at that school. He and his wife will be out close to two grand! Can you imagine if our triplets were old enough to attend that school? That’d be a cool $2,400. On top of tuition.

Obviously, the school thinks that such an expenditure will be well worth the impact the devices will have on the students’ education. And I suppose we’ll have to trust them on that. I will say this: it’s a great school and aside from a minor thing or two, we have no complaints about the job they do in educating Alli.

Though I will say this: they’re timing stinks. Or, at very least, Apple’s timing stinks. Because I suspect that the school is already contractually locked into the first generation iPad. Not 100% certain on that, but assuming I’m right, it essentially means this: not only will we be spending $600 to get my daughter an iPad we’re not certain she’s ready to have, but we’ll also be wasting money because as soon as the iPad 2 comes out on March 11, the old iPads will undoubtedly be offered at a steep discount.

Funny. Even though I’m not thrilled our school making us buy our daughter an iPad, I’m at least hoping she gets an iPad 2 out of the deal. They sound pretty cool! See for yourself by visiting Heather’s post which details the iPad 2 announcement. She does a great job of giving you the entire rundown.

What do you think about our school making us buy an iPad for our 9-year-old? How would you feel in our shoes? Am I just a dinosaur for having reservations? And what about the cost?!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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