iPad Brings Kids Apps To Life


Let’s face it, the iPad is a toy. It may be the most universally desired toy since the bicycle, something three-year-olds in the throes of princess mania and their gadget-hungry grandparents can get equally excited about. But with it’s big easy touch screen and bright colors, it’s especially appealing to kids.

App makers know this, and they’re releasing rocking apps for kids with the iPad in mind.

I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with an iPad myself yet (feel free to send me one, Apple), so this piece is more PSA than review. The link above lists off some apps that work especially well on an iPad.

When the iPad was first announced, a friend said to me that he figured the real target audience for this thing was 10-year-old girls. His own daughter is a little younger, but when he showed it to her she got all excited. Until she realized there was no camera, which made her favorite app useless on it.

Without a camera, video or GPS, a lot of my kids favorite apps won’t run. Others are being quickly released to take their places though, and I’m sure that the larger screen more than makes up for the loss in the minds of my three-year-old.

Photo: Scott & Elaine Van Der Chijs

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