iPhone 5 Features the Whole Family Will Love


I love the idea of an improved iPhone but you know who will probably be more excited about the brand new iPhone 5? My 6-year-old daughter.

I hate to admit it, but my first grader seems to spend more time on my phone then I do, playing games, listening to music, and taking oodles of photos. An interesting thing has emerged from the time spent she has spent on my iPhone 4: she sees room for improvement. And apparently, she has her tiny finger on the pulse of the tech world, as some of the changes to the iPhone that were announced today were just what she had been asking for. What are the changes that not just my daughter, but families everywhere will love?

  • A Bigger Screen
    One of my daughter’s complaints has been that the iPhone’s screen isn’t big enough. This came on the eve of one of her summer camps where a counselor had some other brand of phone that had a larger screen area, which made quite an impression. Probably because a bigger screen means more area to play Angry Birds.
  • Thinner and lighter
    Who doesn’t love a lighter phone? The new Apple iPhone is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the 4S. And a thinner and lighter phone will better fit into those little hands, and is easier for mom and dad to tote around.
  • Faster
    I don’t know about your child, but mine is pretty impatient. She’ll stare and the phone and glare at it when it is slow to load. I’m less finicky, since I remember the world of dial-up and really do know what a slow connection means.
  • The Panorama
    The iPhone 5 will have a new fun photo feature where one can take multiple images and put them together into a panoramic photo. And if your kids love to scroll through and play with your phone’s photographs as much as we do, well this will be a fun tool for you all.

Yes, I know my daughter shouldn’t be playing with my phone as much as she does, but it has come in very handy on road trips, waiting in lines at the supermarket, and the time I couldn’t get a sitter and she had to occupy herself at the dentist while I got a root canal. Does your kid play with your phone? And if so, do you think they’d notice new changes to the iPhone?

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