iPhone App Gets Woman Pregnant


fertility-friendMaking a baby doesn’t have to be hard – turns out there really is an app for that.

British press are calling Lena Bryce the mother of the first “iPhone baby,” after she used an app made to track her menstrual calendar to solve a four-year battle with infertility.

Women who have had that battle will tell you it’s never that easy, but considering some of the wacky methods women have tried to get pregnant, you could do a lot worse than an iPhone app. Who knows – some of the naughty ones might even kick start something in the bedroom.

Of course Bryce opted for one of the completely practical options – and a free one to boot. The Fertility Friend Menstrual Calendar allows you to:

  • Record your periods.
  • Optionally record your intercourse data.
  • Calculate your cycle length automatically based on your data or set it manually.
  • Get predictions for both your periods and your fertile days. Plan ahead.

Within two months, Bryce says she was pregnant with little Lola – born in Glasgow this month. Is she an iPhone baby or just the kid of two lucky parents?

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Image: Fertility Friend

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