iPhone FAIL: Siri Verbally Attacks 12-Year-Old Boy

Siri Gone Wrong

Kids, they love the iPhone. That is a undisputed fact. And when they added Siri to the new model? Well, kids loved it even more asking the voice activated knowledge powerhouse as many questions as they can think of like, “is there really a Santa Claus,” “when is the Fourth of July,” and “where are my sister’s socks.” And Siri, she is generally pretty patient. But she apparently freaked out on poor 12-year-old Charlie Le Quesne of Coventry, UK.  What did she do?

Charlie and his mom were reportedly at the Apple store playing with a demo model of the iphone. Charlie asked Siri, “How many people are there in the world?” That’s when Siri reportedly flipped. The phone spat out a spew of obscenities telling the boy, “shut the f–k up, you ugly t–t.”

The mother and son were stunned. “He asked it a simple question,” his mom said. “We couldn’t believe the filth it came out with.”

The Apple store is going to do a full investigation but believe a prankster reprogrammed the demo model to verbally attack unsuspecting customers.

Photo: Apple


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