iPhone Navigation is SAVED! The Google Maps App Is Back


My mother has a PhD in geography, so I had to learn how to use paper maps or you know ELSE. But I’ve never liked it, frankly, even though I (still) can figure out where I am and map out a route.

I was so happy when I got my first iPhone and no longer needed to do that. I could use the Google Maps App and it would tell me right where I was, and if I still wasn’t sure which way to go I could hit the arrow twice and the compass would tell me which way I was facing so that I could figure out my next steps.

But then alas in September with the iPhone i06 update, they pulled the Google Maps App and then replaced it with the utterly abysmal and near useless Apple Maps app.

It was so bad, in fact, that Australian Police cautioned people to stop using the map as it was “potentially life threatening” thanks to a town being mislabeled on the map.

I tried to use the map replacement app Waze, which was nice and also offered audio turn-by-turn navigation, a feature I really liked. Unfortunately, the Waze app is not quite ready for prime time and got me lost on four different occasions and I had to break up with it.

So I’ve limped along using the Apple Maps App, but… stop the presses! TODAY the Google Maps App is not only back in the iTunes App Store, but is EVEN BETTER THAN IT WAS.

It now has turn-by-turn audio navigation with what is, quite literally, the nicest automated voice I’ve ever heard. It also has satallite view, which is fun, and connects directly to Google Earth (a separate app, however). It’s beautiful.

So RUN! Download it now. Never get lost again. Er, I hope.

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